Soliton Company profile for ECONOS2017
Fa. Soliton is a distributor and offers lasers and other optical products of about 50 manufacturers.
– Laser of various types and renowned manufacturers
– Laser machining systems like for solar cell manufacturing
– Particle measuring systems
– (Phaseshift-) Interferometer
– low-cost Raman systems TSI (former ENVAWE)
– High end Raman-systems from Renishaw with AFM/TERS add-on

Broadband-CARS-Module for existing Raman systems
The CARS-Signal is generated by a white light laser (ωS) and its pump laser (ωP); the CARS module is integrated like a further Raman laser into the Raman spectrometer. The extensive software and automation as of the Renishaw InVia Raman spectrometer is used to record the CARS spectra. That includes mappings, lines profiles and 3D-Mappings, as well as the spectroscopic analysis of the spectra.
Raman and CARS spectra are recorded at the same locations, nearly simultaneously and under similar conditions. This includes 2D and 3D mappings. These measurements can be done fast and straight forward. In this way it is easy to compare CARS and Raman Spectra what have led already to very surprising results (see poster at this conference).
Contact: or at the Soliton booth of this conference

Mr. Beckmann will also be holding a presentation at the Industry Session of ECONOS 2017.