The Active Fiber Systems GmbH is located in Jena, known as ‘city of photonics’ in Germany. As a spin-off from the Fraunhofer IOF Jena and the Institute of Applied Physics at the university of Jena the Active Fiber Systems GmbH represents the expertise of innovative solid-state-laser development.

Fiber lasers have an excellent reputation as power-scalable diode-pumped solid-state-lasers. They are characterized by robustness, high efficiency and excellent beam quality even at highest power levels. Besides superior femtosecond fiber-laser systems with highest peak and average powers, also tunable dual wavelength picosecond systems for nonlinear microscopy have been developed in Jena’s institutes. The achieved laboratory results are ground-breaking and mark several world records in performance.

The mission of Active Fiber Systems GmbH is to transfer these experimental results to reliable laser systems suitable for scientific and industrial applications. Among the extra-ordinary features of pulsed fiber lasers from AFS are compact dimensions, considerably reduced production costs as well as flexible and outstanding laser parameters.